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Amb. Yahuza Hambali

Ambassador Yahuza Hambali is a distinguished graduate in Geography and Environmental Management from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, consistently ranking among the top performers. A passionate advocate for UN Sustainable Development Goal 13: climate action, he has demonstrated a strong commitment to environmental sustainability throughout his academic and professional journey.
With a multifaceted skill set, Yahuza serves as a Program Manager, NGOs helper, and Researcher. His expertise extends to public speaking, where he articulately communicates complex environmental issues, making them accessible to diverse audiences. Additionally, he has honed his talents as a community moralization expert, fostering positive change in local communities.
Yahuza is recognized for his insatiable intellectual curiosity and dedication to continuous learning. As an avid reader, he remains at the forefront of emerging trends, always eager to acquire new skills and knowledge to contribute meaningfully to his field.

Prof. Nkiru Theresa Meludu

Prof. Nkiru Theresa Meludu (PhD, STA, NF, OKF, LKSP) is a Professor of Food and Nutrition Security and Agricultural Extension Services, and the immediate past Dean-Faculty of Agriculture, Head of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension (2016 – 2021), Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka. Her areas of specialization include Agricultural Extension/Advisory Services/Rural Development, Food and Nutrition Security, Home Economics, Hospitality and Tourism, Gender, Ecological Organic Agriculture, and Climate Change. She became a Professor in 2010 at the University of Ibadan where she worked from July 1, 1995, to January 31, 2018, before transferring her service to Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka.
Professor Nkiru is a member of both national and international associations, to mention but a few: AESON (Life member Treasure -2016- 2020; Vice President 2020 to date) RUSAN (Life member, Financial Secretary 2005 -2007), NOAN (Editor 2015 -2022), IFOAM, ISOFAR, IFHE, HECN, HERAN, SHEN, RUSAN, NIFAAS, AFAAS, GIFAAS, Apiculture Society of Nigeria, Association of Deans of Agriculture in Nigeria (Treasurer), etc.
Professor Nkiru is the Board of Trustees Chairperson of Civil Alliance for Climate Protection and Education - CACPE, BoT Chair for NOARA, BoT member Unizik Farmers Association, and BoT member of Farming Food for Africa. She has published over 110 articles in Journals, Books and Chapters in Books. Prof was the 85th Inaugural Lecturer of Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

Prof. Rabia Sa’id

Prof. Rabia Sa’id, a Professor of Atmospheric Physics from Bayero University in Kano, Nigeria, possesses a comprehensive academic background with a focus on Dust Aerosol effects on climate, air quality measurements, and earth's magnetic fields fluctuations. She holds advanced degrees from both Nigerian and UK universities. Her expertise extends to satellite measurements and participation in significant projects like TRODAN and organizations such as GEO and ACCREC.
She has received prestigious awards and recognitions, including the Elsevier Foundation/OWSD Awards, and has been featured in prominent international platforms like Nature and BBC. Rabia's commitment to STEM education, particularly for girls, is evident through her co-founding roles in associations like KANWIS and WIS4Africa. She has showcased her leadership in various conferences, emphasizing girl-child education and women's empowerment in STEM.
Moreover, Rabia's involvement in environmental security is highlighted by her fellowship at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies and coordination of the WCAPS Nigeria Chapter, focusing on nuclear non-proliferation, disarmament education, safety, and peaceful use of nuclear technology.
Relating this profile to a climate action organization, Rabia Sa’id brings a multidisciplinary expertise combining atmospheric physics, environmental studies, and nuclear non-proliferation. Her involvement in research, advocacy, education, and community engagement aligns with the goals of climate action organizations aiming to address environmental challenges, promote sustainable development, empower communities, and foster collaboration across sectors, disciplines, and regions to mitigate climate change impacts, enhance resilience, and achieve a sustainable future for all.

Dr. Salisu Dalhatu

Salisu Dalhatu, Ph.D., is a highly accomplished professional with a strong background in Environmental Management. His extensive academic qualifications and professional certifications underscore his profound knowledge and expertise in the field.
As Chief Lecturer and Education and Project Management Consultant, Dr. Dalhatu has honed his expertise over the span of 20 years in education, environmental management, and gender research. His vast experience has equipped him with the skills necessary to cultivate a dynamic learning environment and actively engage students. Through his exceptional delivery of Geography and Environmental Management courses, Dr. Dalhatu employs interactive teaching methods, stimulating discussions, and practical applications to enhance student engagement.
Additionally, Dr. Dalhatu goes beyond the classroom to address critical environmental and gender issues such as sustainable livelihoods, climate change, and land degradation. His contributions are further evidenced by his research outputs published in both local and international journals, which establish him as a valuable asset in these areas.
Dr. Dalhatu's commitment to environmental sustainability and social inclusivity is evident in his active membership in various professional organizations and the awards he has received for his contributions to education and the community. He is recognized for his research-based insights and dedication to influencing policies and practices in these important domains.
Furthermore, Dr. Dalhatu's experience as a consultant in development and humanitarian projects, particularly with reputable organizations like UNICEF and FCDO, has honed his skills in collaborative decision-making and stakeholder engagement. This demonstrates his ability to effectively manage deliverables and work in diverse project environments.
In his role as Member of the Board of Trustees (BoT) within the Civil Alliance for Climate Protection and Education (CACPE), Dr. Dalhatu passionately advocates for environmental literacy and action. Leveraging his expertise and experience, he actively contributes to the strategic growth and development of CACPE. Collaborating closely with fellow trustees and stakeholders, he strives to position CACPE as a leading organization in sustainable environment and climate resilience.

Prof. Melody Ndidi Modebelu

Prof. Melody Ndidi Modebelu is a lecturer and a Professor of Educational & Human Resource Management in the Department of Educational Management, College of Education, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike Abia State, Nigeria. She was the Pioneer Head of the Department, of the Educational Foundations in the College of Agricultural and Science Education, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Head of Department of Educational Management till January 2017 and Dean 2017-2020.
She is a member of many University committees, Chartered Member, and Ambassador of many professional bodies. She has published more than 70 articles of national, regional & international repute. Editorial member of some journals. She has successfully mentored, supervised 32 PhDs. She has edited some text books in the field of Educational Management, Chairman and member of many NGOs, Community and Church Associations.
Contact: prof.mnmodebelu@gmail.com, www.melodymodebelu.com

Dr Kemal Yıldırım

Dr. Kemal Yıldırım, an accomplished scholar and professional, has authored 228 books, translated into over 8 languages, and published numerous articles in peer journals.
He teaches human rights law, serves as a film producer/director, and held positions such as a member of the Professional Practices Board at the Chartered Institute of Journalists in the UK and an ambassador of the World Parliament of Religions. Dr. Yıldırım speaks over 10 languages, holds a PhD in Comparative Politics, and has three post-doctorates in various disciplines.
He is engaged in research, serves as the president of the Beth Nahrain Mesopotamian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and holds memberships in prestigious academic societies worldwide.

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